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Everything you need to easily integrate and issue ENS Subnames to your users, players, followers, members, friends, or anyone in Web3.

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Namespace Platform

Three core functional pieces of Namespace


Search through the entire Subname registry and register your Digital Identity.


Easily list, customize, manage and issue free or paid ENS Subnames (Digital Identities) on L1, L2s or Offchain.


Integrate ENS with extended functionality and utility through Namespace.

What we offer

Product Suite

Platform, Dev Toolkit (API+SDK), and Custom-made Solutions for ENS Name owners

Web3 native digital iD

Digital Identity

User-friendly platform to help you easily issue free or paid Subnames from your ENS Names. We take care of the set-up, you take care of the distribution.

better Web3 UX
cooler wallets
token-gated subname minting

Community Subnames

Collective Digital Identity experience for cohesive community management. Increase brand awareness by issuing unique subnames to your members.

brand awareness
Quick and easy integration

Dev tools

Easy ENS integration for devs and projects. Integrate ENS into your dapp, wallet, game, in no time, with improved Subname utility.

quicker integration
more utility
Become digital identity provider

ENS Widget

The easiest and fastest way to integrate ENS and start selling Subname from your Blog or Website. No coding required. Less than 2 minutes to set up.

integration & set up
Subname sales
Build with namespace team

Custom Solutions

Namespace team works with anyone willing to pursue their ENS idea. We help with creating custom solutions and work as your development partner.

Have a cool idea for Subnames or need help with integration? Say hi to Cap, fill out Subname Interest Form, or schedule a call and let's jump right on it.

Subname Interest Form
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Some cool features we built

Sell Unruggable Subnames

Easily set up and start selling Unruggable Subnames.

Customize  Minting Price

Easily customize Subname minting price based on length.

Whitelist some Wallets

Whitelist wallets you want to give access to mint Subnames.

Token-gated Subname Minting

Allow only wallets that have certain token or NFT to mint Subnames.

Reserve some Subnames

Set aside Subnames you want to keep for yourself, or sell at a higher price.

Issue Free Subnames

Start issuing free Subnames to anyone in no time with super easy set up.

Issue Subnames from your Website

Integrate ENS Widget and allow people to mint Subnames from your website or blog.

Plug and Play Registrar

Integrate ENS Search & Registration functionality in your Dapp.

ENS-based Digital Identity

Who can use it?

Individual ENS Name owners

Owners with cool and brandable ENS Names can come up with incentives and allow specific group of people to mint Subnames from their Names and potentially make money.

Wallet Providers

Wallets can provide their new and existing users the option to immediately secure onchain Universal Profiles/Usernames by providing Subnames minting in their Wallet App.


Every Web3 community can allow their members and supporters to mint Subnames from their ENS Name and increase brand awareness and recognition.

Website Builders

Website builders need a way to allow their users to publish a website without prior having a .eth domain. Our plug&play registrar allows for searching and registering biggest database of Subnames.


Every DAO could potentially issue Subnames to their members and contributors and increase brand awareness for the DAO but also more easily handle payroll and memberships.


Whenever you play a Web3 game you need to create your unique username. Why not offer players brandable and portable Web3 native usernames based on ENS subnames?

Blogs and Websites

Through Namespace Widget, any website or a blog can become a digital identity provider and start issuing Subnames from their Names and either make money or gift them for free.

Articles & News

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Custom Solutions

Fill out our Subname Interest Form, tell us about your idea, and let's build it together!

Ready to supercharge the utility of your ENS names?

Check out our platform and start issuing Subnames to your community, followers, users, players, or anyone in Web3.